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28-12-2020 Paper on Peak Correlation Function ARXIV eprint
03-09-2020 Paper on EFT Bispectrum with Realization Perturbation Theory ARXIV eprint
24-08-2020 Paper on Projected Bispectra ARXIV eprint
20-08-2020 My student Muntazir Abidi sucessfully defended his PhD and is moving on to a postdoc in Geneva
16-07-2020 Paper on density field reconstruction for multitracer inference for primordial non-Gaussianity ARXIV eprint
20-05-2020 Video Production for Clare Hall YouTube
20-01-2020 Lectures on Field Theory in Cosmology Webpage and Notes
11-09-2019 Co-hosting Workshop on the Non-Gaussian Universe: Website
16-06-2019 Clare Hall gets Blades in May Bumps (again)
01-02-2019 Excited to join the Clare Hall Tutorial Team Webpage
12-01-2019 Lectures on Advanced Cosmology Webpage and Notes
16-06-2018 Clare Hall gets Blades in May Bumps Video Pictures
01-02-2018 Paper on Cubic Bias ARXIV eprint

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